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WHEN admired indie music producer Jim Sampas conceived a new label of his own, he had a clear vision in mind: a venture that would pay homage to decades of superb rock music and classic literature and enlist the best talents --established and emerging-- to pay those respects.

After producing numerous critically acclaimed and high-selling tributes for distinguished companies like Sup Pop, Warner Bros., Rykodisc, and Atlantic Records, Sampas’ experience continues to yield outstanding results. He has persuaded a galaxy of rising stars to partake of a unique aesthetic marriage, as vintage works are resurrected in contemporary arrangements. 

Reimagine is a label where the soundtrack of our lives is re-made, re-envisioned, in the hands of dynamic indie, electronic, and alt country rock artists. We're fascinated by the idea of artists reacting and responding to songs we already know, revitalizing and even reinterpreting some of rock’s greatest musical moments. In this way the creative process comes full circle with fresh versions of enduring songs.

Another significant consequence of our work, is the positive effect we're having on our culture. With project after project, we're introducing classic artists, and their profoundly important work, to younger audiences who may otherwise never have experienced it.

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