Indie Darling John Vanderslice’s Intelligent and Evocative New Take On David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs.

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Reimagine Music is pleased to present John Vanderslice Plays David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs, the first album of our “Plays Series” wherein a single innovative and accomplished recording artist or band interprets iconic works of the past. 

David Bowie's radical approach electrified the early 1970s rock scene with songs that braided psychedelic sensibilities and abstract lyricism, and to this day, his achievements have maintained one of the biggest followings in rock history.

Vanderslice approaches Bowie’s Diamond Dogs with the infectious melodies and the trademark ardor that have continuously deemed him one of indie and experimental rock’s elite.

Rather than merely covering Bowie’s album Pitchfork says “Vanderslice takes the hits and turns them on their heads.” 

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To Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moment When One Band Forever Reinvented Pop Music, Indie Musicians Discover and Translate Two Existing Iconic Beatles Records Alongside An Imaginary One. 

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Looking Through You: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles’ Rubber Soul boasts the cutting edge of today’s music scene: Bombadil, The David Mayfield Parade, So Many Wizards, The Pride of Erie PA, Admirals, Woodpigeon, Cereus Bright, Tyler Lyle, The Blackwater Fever, Swear and Shake, Blessed Feathers, The Daydream Club, The Love Language, Olin & The Moon, Nemes, Kid In The Attic, and The Kirkendall Gang. 

Tomorrow Never Knows: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Revolver also features the finest indie rock has to offer: Jake Mann and the Upper Hand, The Owls, Shawn Mullins, Glider, Bjorn Baillie and Simon Baillie, Nellie McKay, Everest, Headlights, Lost In the Trees, Tapes ’n Tapes, Borges & The Broken Singles, Jennifer O’Connor, Brian Wright, and The M’s. As a special treat, famed Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick—who recorded the original Revolver sessions—lovingly records Nellie McKay’s inventive new take on “Yellow Submarine” for this project.

We're also adding an imaginary album, to the mix: Frankie Siragusa Plays: Goodbye My Love - Lost Songs of The Beatles Covered and Rediscovered, newly rendered recordings of songs that members of The Beatles wrote, yet never released while the group was still working together. For this first time experience of these lost gems, Frankie Siragusa's choice of instruments mirrors The Beatles' own, performing alongside a 'supergroup' comprised of Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, R.E.M., Big Star), Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. (Jellyfish, Beck), and Keith Slettedahl (The 88, Ray Davies Band). 

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"I was asked to read a novel by the infamous Jack Kerouac entitled Tristessa...And, seeing as how Tristessa was a Spanish speaker I felt it necessary to write the song in Spanish." - Joshua James 

"I was asked to read a novel by the INFAMOUS Jack Kerouac entitled Tristessa. I have been a fan of Mr. Kerouac’s for awhile now, and was excited to be asked to not only read this unknown (to me) novel but to write a song about the book. I was given the freedom to interpret the book and song how I saw fit.

Now, seeing as how the book is about a prostitute that Jack falls in love with I felt it almost NECESSARY to write about a love / heart break in the said song. And, seeing as how Tristessa was a Spanish speaker I felt it (again) NECESSARY to write the song in Spanish. Tristessa’s real name was hidden from the common reader to protect her integrity. So in the song I decided to revert back to her REAL name, the enchanting, mystical, sexual 'Esperanza'. Here is a love affair song. One for the faithful and the fallen. 'La guitarra se cantará'" - Joshua James   

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The Album That Gave Birth To Alt Country Is Reimagined

No Depression? Sounds like the tagline to an ad for a new wonder drug. But the potently titled 1990 debut album by Uncle Tupelo, had nothing to do with an instant chemical solution, rather a cure… a rip-roaring parade of country punk. This supercharged young trio – with guitarist Jay Farrar (Son Volt) and bassist Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) joined by Mike Heidorn on drums. The primeval power of their premiere record would go on to christen a wave of restless, ragged country-fired rock. Lee Zimmerman in Blurt Magazine writes "There are any number of landmark albums that critics are quick to label as essential, but given the fact No Depression jumpstarted an entire genre, none deserve that label more."

On The Brighter Side: A 25th Anniversary Tribute To Uncle Tupelo’s No Depression a select few of the best artists in Alt Country and Indie Rock bring their talents together to re-imagine the album a quarter century later: The Last Bison, Bodies of Water, Big Sky Blue, Wooden Sky, Peculiar Pretzelmen, Elliott BROOD, Crow Moses, Leeroy Stagger, Smoking Popes, David Stuart, Mikaela Davis, Cheap Girls, and Beta Radio. 

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"Our cup runneth over with the glorious all-female lineup featured on Empress of the Blues, a tribute to blues legend Bessie Smith featuring Tift Merritt, Jesca Hoop, Haley Bonar, Jenny Owen Youngs, Abigal Washburn, and many more, released in October. (We wrote about the inimitable Smith and her storied history in jazz and blues music earlier.) This tribute puts a modern spin on Smith’s standards, and gives each performer featured a chance to reimagine the spirit of each song. One of the grandest departures from the original is Simone White’s cover of “Backwater Blues,” which she transformed into a moody electronic rumination. It’s a testament to Smith’s vision and timelessness that her music stands up on its own half a century after her death, and a testament to her genius that these songs shine through any number of interpretations." - Bitch Magazine

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